Seeding the Idea of “Make in India”

Unique CSR Opportunity – 2% Contribution for 1000% IMPACT

One of the core parts of our factory model is Technovate, which is our joint venture with Government of India (DST) for national capacity building for entrepreneurship. We’re the first private sector player in this area to receive recognition and funding from the Department of Science and Technology

Technovate provides a significantly more effective option for utilising your corporate and CSR-contributions. With us you uniquely enable:

Job Creation: Each entrepreneur we fund creates 100s of jobs

Mission India: Our ventures are focused on national-priority and mass-impact sectors like Education, Clean Energy, Health, Personal-safety etc. These sectors require localized solutions that can reach the masses. Western-style products are often not viable. What better way to donate than to support such innovation.

Sustainable Effect: Even your one-time contributions will generate year-on-year and accelerating impact as our ventures are designed to be profitable and scalable. We will give you yearly reports on how your contributions continue to impact

Importantly, Technovate is approved and part-funded by the Department of Science and Technology (Government of India). Technovate was established under section 25 (C) as a not-for-profit establishment. It is eligible to receive CSR funding (2% Corporate contribution) under section 135, Schedule 7 of the Companies Act 2013.

Technovate CSR Schemes

Employee Engagement & Retention via Entrepreneurial Scholarships

Technovate has created a Corporate Scholarship Program to help donors offer unique learning and engagement opportunities to their key employees.

Market research shows (2014) that over 60% of employees with 5-8 years of experience at Multinational Corporations, are dissatisfied with routine work and wish to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. This program enables donor corporates to send key employees on a sabbatical of learning and self-exploration. Your donations help provide basic stipend to aspiring entrepreneurs. Often these key employees explore innovative ideas that can be of strategic significance to the sponsoring corporate.

Contact us if you want to sponsor an annual scholarship for your employees.

Innovation Validation Services

Corporates routinely generate innovative ideas, but are often not structured to efficiently develop and test them through an entrepreneurial approach.

Technovate offers a collaboration program, to help Corporate Donors explore such innovations without themselves managing the operational and strategic distractions. Technovate accumulates your donations in an Innovation Corpus, aimed at covering the cost of early-stage prototyping, market testing and related activities. The Corpus offers interest-bearing loans to our funded startups and entrepreneurs.

Write to us if you want us to test your innovations the entrepreneurial way.

IMPACT Project Financing

Technovate provides Corporate Donors the opportunity to fund the creation of mass-IMPACT infrastructure such as online education centers, innovative waste-treatment plants, scalable healthcare information networks etc. Each of these infrastructures is developed and supported by our startups supported by us and provides a sustainable long-term impact, without the requirement of funding it every year. Currently, we are collecting CSR contributions for the following schemes:

E-education Centers of Excellence at Tier III and IV Colleges: An exciting up-skilling program that makes our youth employable. An whopping 90% of our graduates are deemed unemployable by the industry, which invests significantly into their “training”. Our funded programs have achieved near-miraculous results like improving employability from 28% to 95% of graduating classes. By sponsoring this center of excellence, you will not only gain visibility in those colleges but also be impacting 1000s of lives every year.

Waste-to-Energy Plants: Decentralized plants that convert organic waste into biogas, with long-term profitability. This is the country’s highest performance solution that solves the problem of waste and energy simultaneously. A one time donation will achieve perennial visibility as these systems are profitable on an operating cost basis. Your donations will not only be visibly displayed at each plant, they will also help address the energy and waste (mis)management crises in the country.

For exploring how your company can make a CSR contribution to Technovate-India ™, please contact:

Director – New Initiatives at Technovate India

L-176, Sector 6, Outer Ring Road, H.S.R. Layout, Bangalore – 560102