Our mission is to be the country’s foremost Startup Builders. We aim to do so by accelerating and de-risking startup creation, while simultaneously filling in the product innovation gap in India. The Venture Factory methodology provides systematic, high impact and end-to-end support to its ventures. Early-stage venture building in India follows a different path than that in developed countries. Eco-system gaps, talent development and monetization are but a few such factors that make the western “cut-paste” business models difficult to scale in India.

What makes us unique is that unlike many other investment groups, i2india is founded and managed by a team of experienced hands-on entrepreneurs. It is the founders’ operational experience and insights that led to the innovative Venture Factory model.

Building Startups is complicated

Building Successful Startups is Complicated

Taking a new business to market is fraught with risks and complexities and we understand it well. The Venture Factory model mitigates these risks by in-depth collaboration with our ventures from day-one. By creating a deep level of strategic and operational engagement with our startups, we ensure that their resources are optimized, best practices are adhered to, time to market is improved and risks are minimized. Most entrepreneurs have some strong skills and some areas of inexperience. The Venture Factory is designed to leverage their strengths while filling in the gaps with other in-house teams. This makes our ventures extremely competitive by the time they enter the market. We don’t just fund Startups we actively share their risks and work towards their success.


The Venture Factory methodology adds operational muscle to scaling up startups at an extremely fast pace. Venture Factory provides a hyper-charged and collaborative environment for different startup teams to co-mingle and learn from each other. The varying expertise and variety of different perspectives assembled in a fun, inspiring environment which is hard to replicate. The Venture Factory has taken great efforts and investments to create this enriching and uplifting environment. This conducive environment is designed to remove all operational challenges so commonly encountered in Indian startups, allowing entrepreneurs on focusing only on their personal development and venture building. The difference is truly transformational. Take a Factory Tour to experience it yourself.

Venture Factory Startup Incubator
Venture Factory Process for startups


Venture Factory is an initiative by i2india, which was established in 2008 with the mission of bridging the innovation gap in India. i2india was created on foundational investments by Imperial Innovations Plc UK (The Technology Transfer arm of Imperial College, London), CMG Partners UK and various leading Indian industry experts and leaders such as Tata Sons.


Venture Factory is managed by a team of hands-on entrepreneurs, business management experts and experienced start-up mentors.

Mark Mathias started his career as a fund manager, running mutual funds, charities and closed ended vehicles. He has worked as a management consultant, started various businesses and is currently the Investment Director at Arbor Ventures.


Global Team

Robert is a qualified Chartered Accountant with several years of corporate finance experience in many sectors, but with a focus on financial services. In recent years, Robert has enjoyed working with and advising a number of successful start-up ventures.


Global Team

Anup has worked in the Indian startup ecosystem for more than 6 years and has co-founded 2 startups. At i2india, he mentors and also takes on hands-on roles in our startups to develop them into massively scalable companies. Anup holds an MBA from IIM Bangalore and a Bachelors in Engineering from SVCE, Anna University.


Venture Partner

Vinay is a serial entrepreneur and startup specialist with strong experience in software architecture, product development and cloud computing. He is the technical head in-charge of technology strategy and product development of the start-ups which are built at Venture Factory. Vinay holds a B.Tech from NIT, Suratkal.


Venture Partner

Vincent heads Operations at Venture Factory and is responsible for overseeing the legal and regulatory activities involved in setting up of new startups. He is also responsible for overseeing the HR function at Venture Factory. Juggling various tasks at the same time, he is the lynchpin which keeps the highly demanding ad complex operations of Venture Factory on track.


Director Operations

Sandeep has over 10 years of experience in product strategy and marketing. At Venture Factory, he heads Marketing, PR and Product Management. He develops the strategies and road-maps for products and creates powerful multi-touch, integrated marketing strategies to rapidly generate demand and increase brand equity for the portfolio companies. Sandeep holds a P.G.P.M from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.


Director - Marketing and Product Management

Ankur has nearly a decade of experience in Business Development and Consulting. At Venture Factory he leads the EiR (Entrepreneur in Residence) and Industry-Academia Interface programs. When not discussing the business strategies of early stage startups seeking support from Venture Factory, Ankur can be found in a quiet corner with a book in his hands. Ankur holds a MBA from The George Washington University, USA.

Ankur Verma

Senior Manager

An extension to the CEO’s office, she handles investor relations and on-boarding of E.I.R.s at Venture Factory. Srinita’s experiences across sectors like Finance, Banking and Travel have given her strong exposure to the areas of market research, risk analysis, relationship management and business strategy. At Venture Factory she uses these skills to deeply contribute to market research and analyses activities of the company.


Business Manager

Varsha has over 7 years of experience in HR functions at organizations across sectors like Energy and Healthcare. In her current role, Varsha manages the entire HR functions for Venture Factory and its portfolio companies. Varsha has a Masters in Psychology from Panjab University, Chandigarh and holds a MBA degree from ICFAI Business School, Gurgaon.

Varsha Sharma Chakravarty

HR Generalist

Sajal has over 30 years of experience in establishing and scaling new businesses in start-ups as well as large multinational technology organizations. Sajal has held leadership roles in companies like Aricent, Alcatel-Lucent and Johnson Controls. He has started and scaled businesses across US, Europe, and APAC markets. At Venture Factory, Sajal advices its start-ups on strategy and scale.

Sajal Gupta

Venture Partner

Siva has over 10 years of experience in financial services and ecommerce industries and has cofounded a derivatives broking house in the Middle East. At Venture Factory he is responsible for setting up processes and managing the accounting and finance functions Venture Factory itself and its startups. Siva is a post-graduate from ISB (Hyderabad) and a CFA Charter-holder (USA).

Sivaramakrishnan Venkataraman

Director - Finance

Goutam brings with him the experience of working as a Senior Consultant for KPMG Strategy Consulting, working with clients across the e-commerce, Apparel and retail industries. At Venture Factory, Goutam focuses on investment opportunities and providing hands-on assistance for startups in making business strategic decisions. Goutam holds an MBA from IIM Kozhikode and B.Tech from IIT Madras.

Goutam Srinivas

Venture Associate

Management Board

Chris Mathias is a successful serial entrepreneur, who has created over 30 successful businesses, including Conduit Communications. Chris has a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs and for espousing the cause of social entrepreneurship in India.


Chairman of the Board

Brian is the Director of Commercialisation Services at Imperial Innovations, a builder of businesses that bring valuable ideas to market by combining the activities of technology transfer and investment. He has over 20 years of experience in business development, product development and marketing in the engineering industries.


Board Member

Deepam is a technology commercialization expert and serial entrepreneur, with over 15 years of experience at various startups and as a VP at Stanford Research International, USA. As the CEO of i2india, he leads Venture Factory from the front and has a strategic oversight of all the startups associated with it.


CEO i2india Ventures