The Venture Factory at its core, is an entrepreneur-breeding-process. We are always on the lookout for high energy individuals who want to become successful entrepreneurs, and are seeking help to get started. There is high interest amongst mid-career technology executives to do something innovative and independent. However many are unable to take the plunge alone, due to lack of an adequate team, financial resources, guidance or something else. Similarly, a significant fraction of fresh graduates are seeking the unconventional path of startups, but have limited experience and financial resources.

The Venture Factory’s Entrepreneur-In-Residence program is designed to provide a collaborative and risk-reduced path to help such aspirants. The program is highly selective and admittance is based on demonstration of strong intent and entrepreneurial aptitude. Continuation in the program also requires constant demonstration of measurable outcomes, learning and a result-oriented mindset.

About EIR program at Venture Factory


You will get to become deeply involved with one of our startups. At the Venture Factory, you have the opportunity to join an ongoing venture or kick-start your own startup. Your involvement will range from ideation and business concept development to rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty in doing whatever it takes to make the business succeed in the market. You will get to be the “ball of energy” driving the start-up business. You will get strategic and execution level support wherever required. You will get exposure to all the aspects of building a startup.


As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, you will manage opportunity and execution risks. The Venture Factory will fund the startup, and continue to support the venture as you demonstrate the ability to deliver results. Qualifying EIRs also receive a startup-salary during their entire tenure of building the startup and taking it through a Series-A funding. As the startup matures and garners external funds, your startup-salary will convert into a full-fledged compensation and continue to grow. Importantly, successful EIRs share significant founder’s equity in the startup, commensurate to their role and value addition.

Reducing Risks of being E.I.R.
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Our Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program is aimed at those who have the right spirit to start on an entrepreneurial journey and are looking for a risk-managed launch platform. Business ideas are not important to us, it’s the execution that counts. So whether you have a startup idea or not, will never be a criteria for your acceptance to this program. If you feel that you are up to the challenge, come, join us as a Resident Entrepreneur!

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