Don’t let these 15 REASONS get in way of becoming an entrepreneur

17 Dec 2015

Not a lot of people have what it takes to become an entrepreneur, but many want to do it. However, not everyone takes the plunge. Here are some reasons that are getting in the way you becoming an entrepreneur.


  1. The right idea: It doesn’t matter if your idea is not perfect. Waiting to startup thinking that someday you’ll have the perfect idea is useless. Make up for the flaws by developing other strengths.
  2. The right time: there is no right time to start a business. It’s risky yes, but you never know what you could achieve if you tried. Waiting for the ‘right time’ will have you putting it off indefinitely.
  3. It will take too long too build: Whatever it is you’re trying to build, will take the time it needs to take. Don’t forgo larger long-term rewards for small short terms gains. The road to success is long and full of obstacles.
  4. Being too comfortable with your current situation: if you’re afraid to take the startup plunge because you’re too comfortable in your current job and lifestyle you’ll never will yourself to startup. All good things happen outside your comfort zone.
  5. Resisting change: Human beings resist change constantly. Being open to change, however scary is very essential to developing as a person and embracing the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.
  6. Being afraid to fail: Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back. There’s always the risk of failure and success is not guaranteed. Learn to thrive in both failure and success.
  7. Fear of going wrong: You’ll definitely make many mistakes as an entrepreneur, but what matters is that you learn from them.
  8. I don’t have the skills for entrepreneurship: You won’t know unless you take the plunge. Do your research. Read more. Get a higher degree if required.
  9. I don’t want to risk my money: Maybe to alleviate this financial stress you can research loans, other forms of funding such as angel investors, etc
  10. I don’t know the right people: Attend networking events, connect with people and build relationships. You will definitely find people with whom you can click. Your network can help you with a lot of things from hiring to mentors to investors.
  11. Ambiguity: there’s a lot of ambiguity, but there’s also more freedom to do things your way.
  12. It takes a lot of time: It should not take a long time. Set milestones. If you’re not able to reach your milestones within your specified timeframe, take a step back to rethink whether you should continue or not.
  13. I don’t have a big name: Neither did the founders of today’s big billion businesses. They all started somewhere. You don’t have to have a name yet. Just work hard and be passionate.
  14. Lack of knowledge: Very often, it isn’t the lack of knowledge that is the problem; it is a person’s lack of understanding of an opportunity in the market. Once, you have identified the right opportunity, the team you build should bring in the necessary skills and domain knowledge.


These reasons are something you might not consciously think of, but understanding the root causes of those fears and concerns can help you to deal with them and help you in the pursuit of your entrepreneurial goals.



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