Business Writer – Venture Factory

07 Aug 2015

Location: Bangalore

Job Description

The business writer should have the ability to write original articles or analyse and improve published or written articles. He/She should have strong communication and research skills. The successful candidate will produce clear and comprehensives stories under real-time deadline pressure and promote them across digital channels. The successful candidate will come up with high quality content for Venture Factory (by i2india) through a combination interviews with CXOs and research on current business/economics trends. He/She shouldbe able to appreciate the smallest details of an article and how each item contributes to the overall story. The candidate should be able to come up with new article ideas by identifying the logical segments in a discussion/news item/article, identify the points contributing to each segment, arrange the points in a logical sequence and clearly put them in writing. Finally, the successful candidate will set the tone, language, and branding of the communications on the website of Venture Factory.

Required Skill Set

The successful candidate should possess the following traits and skill sets:

  • Strong written and verbal skills in English
  • Strong articulation skills
  • Strong research and analysis skills
  • Ability to structure and present arguments in support of a position clearly will be a key asset
  • Curious about understanding the trends which drives the value of a company, business or industry
  • Considers it fun staying on top of current events and market responses
  • Interest in Indianstart-up market
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to appreciate the importance of deadlines

Minimum Qualifications Required

  • BA/BS/BBA, MS, MBA especially business savvy candidates with English, journalism, or, logic and reasoning majors may find themselves at an advantage
  • Experience in writing and editing.(Should be able to provide writing samples.)
  • Track record of problem solving and innovation.
  • At least 1 year of prior experience



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